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 Hikara, Alice

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PostSubject: Hikara, Alice   Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:17 pm

"YO DOC!!! Something's interrupting my game of solitaire! How dare they-wait! It's from the American government!! Oh my gosh! They're sending over a new kid! Man this one's a real stinker! She has all kinds of things going wrong! There's Schizophrenia, OCD, Depression, Anorexic, Sensory hallucinations! Man, Doc, I'm scared, but instead of telling you I'll just send ya the poor kid's student application!

Name: Alice Hikara

Age: 16

Day of Birth: Dec 20th

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3

Weight: 93 lbs

Description: Alice has snow white hair, along with pale skin she has reddish eyes, she wears black gloves with black, flowered lace at the bottom of them, she wears her hair in high picktails, she wears a black short mini skirt, along with black high top gothic boots, she has very fragile, beautiful features to her but usually has an intense look on her face, people usually fear her.

Personality: Alice hates! with a passion crowds! she hates loud noises it drives her insane, she doesn't really like people she trys to avoid people alot, she is use to being alone she's been alone most of her life. Alice is quiet and sensative but also has a dangerously bad temper if people get on her nerves, she won't hesitate to hurt or even kill you!, she on occasion will loose her mind and go insane, she believes that theres a some form of creature that talks to her, she hers she says and sometimes she'll apparently see's the creature and thats where she looses her mind. Shes very kind if you be friend her and she has a good heart but doesn't show it unless she's comfterble with you!

Past: Alice was brought to and orphanage, at two months old her parents are unknown, they knew that Alice was different telling by her white hair, at the age two all of her disease/disorders started to show, eventually she ran away from the orphanage cause, she felt un wanted and not loved she has never felt the feelig of love!..YET!, But after a year or so the government found her and sent her to MA, she longs for that one special friend that she's really close with and can relate to her.

Likes: Reading, Writing, School, Poetry, Quite,

Dislikes: Crowds, People, Noise, The Creature that taunts her

DISEASES: Schizophrenia, OCD, Depression, Anorexic, Sensory hallucinations, Bi-Polar

"Well Doc, didja get it?!..Good, but what should we do with it? WHAT! So we're really putting the kid into Ward A. You know best Doc. I didn't even graduate from Nursing School! I'm just a lazy bum-what was that? Oh ok, I'll hang up the phone now, Doc...
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PostSubject: Re: Hikara, Alice   Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:20 pm

APPROVED Welcome to the craziness that is Melancholic Academy.


Even pretty can be seen by the blind.
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Hikara, Alice

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