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 Shinjuko, Rinami

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PostSubject: Shinjuko, Rinami   Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:42 am

Warden B

Name: Rinami Shinjuko

Age: 21

Day of Birth: September 5, 1989



Weight:127 lbs

Description: Rinami's shoulder length hair is a silver-ish grey color, and is slightly choppy and uneven. Her skin is only a few shades darker than white. She usually wears a black shirt with white sleeves and black shorts. She also wears a dark blue ring on one of her long, spidery fingers. Her appearance would be considered odd by most people because she looks almost like a demon, and her bright ruby red eyes that seem to glow in the night add to that fact.

Personality:Rinami usually keeps to herself, and will open up to only a few people. She doesn't like eye contact, because when she was little her eyes would scare people away, but is improving more and more every day on that. When she's sad she reads, cooped up in her room for hours lost in the magical world of books. Sometimes she is shy and quiet, and on few occasions loud and boisterous. Rinami doesn't like to keep her hands still, and sometimes fiddles with various objects.

Past:Rinami's father left her and her mother only a few months after she was born, and she doesn't remember anything about him. When Rinami was 10, her mother was brutally murdered in the night, and with no living relatives, was forced to live on the streets. She would lurk in the shadows of dark alleyways, almost never sleeping, afraid that something would happen to her while she was. Rinami had stashed some money, but only used it for rations.She also collected some books, each one more challenging than the next.She had eventually taught herself everything that she would have learned in school. Rinami would move around alot, which was easy because she had very few belongings. She had acually made a friend while on the streets; a boy in almost the same predicament as her. They would keep each other company, and sometimes share money. But one day the boy went missing, making Rinami all alone once again. Eventually, MA found her and took her in, and she became a Warden not long afterwards.

Likes:Books, daydreaming, and rain.

Dislikes:Arguing, bright lights, and crowds

DISEASES:Insomnia, slight schizophrenia

Created by Kirai
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Shinjuko, Rinami

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