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 Shopkeeping and Employment

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PostSubject: Shopkeeping and Employment   Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:24 pm

If you want to earn extra money, then making a shop is what you should do! (it costs $20 to make one.) PM this information to Rinami:

Shop name: the name of the shop.
Shop owner(s):(the more people that own one the less money you get)
Menu: items you have for sale and their price.
Shop: A brief description of the shop
Employees:The names of people that have agreed to work for you.If there are none, you can put 'now hiring'


By selling items you get extra money! But even if you don't sell anything, you and your employees get $1 every 2 weeks. There is no limit to how many shops you can own.


If you are an employee, all sales are splitted among everyone. But, if the customer doesn't send a receipt, you will not get any money, so make sure to remind your customers! If you send a receipt FOR a customer, Rinami will send a PM to the customer verifying that they bought what ever items they bought.
You can get a job based on the rank that you are.

New-Cool 1 job
Mild-Extreme 2 jobs
Burning- 3 jobs


When a customer purchases an item, they are to fill out a receipt and PM it to Rinami. The receipt should look like this:

Costumer name:
Employee name:
Shop owner:
Items sold:
Total cost:
If your shop hasn't sold anything in over a month,it may be on the list of eviction, and there is a chance of deletion. However,there are exceptions, like if there are not many members.

Thank You!
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Shopkeeping and Employment

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