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 Hokkaido, Kirai

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PostSubject: Hokkaido, Kirai   Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:42 pm

Warden A

Name: Kirai Hokkaido

Age: 21

Day of Birth: May 13th

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 5 in.

Weight: 122 lbs

Kirai has black, unruly hair that barely reaches over her ears, and lightly grazes her shoulders. Her hair is thick and covers her right eye, which is covered by a black eye patch from past incidents. She has extremely pale skin, that gives her an almost ghostly appearance, but her most identifiable feature would have to be her purple, soulless eyes. There are purple bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. Kirai wears headphones, a sweatshirt, and a black skirt. Along with a white arm badge with a star on it.

Kirai is neither loud nor quiet, she's quite the average person, despite the fact that she used to be a mercenary. Kirai is considerably "cold," because she chooses not to speak. She treats everyone equally, with rare favourites, and believes in equality. She is well-mannered, and skilled in the arts of guns. She shows warmth in her smiles, which rarely ever happens, and is calm and mysterious. Kirai becomes stubborn when it comes to opening up to others, because she is ashamed of her past, which is gory and sickening. She is normally gloomy and sleepy, but she is too afraid to sleep.

Kirai was a mercenary, and most of her previous jobs were to eliminate government officials. She was exceptional at the sniper. Her first love was also a mercenary and her partner, together they were invincible. However one night when they were supposed to murder a senate, Kirai was at her position, above a high building, and her partner was stationed safely in a room where he could see everything, Kirai couldn't kill him, because he had a family. Except, she had to someone was paying big money for the Senate's death. Kirai dropped her gun, but through the ear phone, she heard gunfire. It turns out that her partner was shot from behind, by a police man. The cops had traced all of the assassinations back to Kirai and her partner. Kirai was outraged, she quickly changed her name to Kirai, which means "hate" in Japanese because she hates herself. Kirai could never forget what happened and blames herself. Since she failed to kill the Senate, the man who hired her tried finding her to kill her, but Kirai was too well hidden, or so she thought.
One day, as she tried to have a normal breakfast, men were pounding against the front door. Kirai quickly pulled out one of the guns that she kept under her bed and braced herself for the attack. The men swarmed in and Kirai shot away, taking down most of them, but more kept coming. Kirai's legs gave away, because someone had shot her. She was drifting in and out of conscious. Blood stained her clothes, and the last thing she remembered seeing was a pair of fancy dance shoes.
When Kirai awoke, she thought that she was dead, but she was really in a hospital. Melancholic Academy had sent agents to save her, because they wanted Kirai. Ever since then, Kirai thought that she owed them her life. However as soon as she started working for the MA her dreams turned to nightmares, and they seemed to be recurring every night. Kirai now fears sleeping, and it may be because of the nightmares and that she is surrounded by insane children.

Likes: heavy artillery, cupcakes, and Winter

Dislikes: sun, sleeping, death

DISEASES: Nightmare Disorder and depression

Created by Kirai

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Hokkaido, Kirai

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