Melancholic Academy

An insane asylum for the intelligently gifted.
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PostSubject: **Prologue**   Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:25 pm

Melancholic academy, the world's best private school located deep in Japan, a school that is almost impossible to find and 98% of the world's population has no idea that it exists. Only a few highly trained government officials know about this school. This school is where mentally unstable children go.

Not only is it a school that teaches all advanced subjects, but it is also an insane asylum, where teenagers are sent by either the government, because they are a public menace, or by their incredibly wealthy parents. For an outrageous price, their parents are promised that their child will be cured. After all, Melancholic Academy always imports the finest teachers and wardens available, and when a teacher or warden fails to do their job-let's just say the janitors will have some more blood to wipe off the walls.

However there is a rumor going around, that even the Wardens have been spending too much time here, and are suffering from mild cases of insanity, but it's nothing too serious, because they're still around. Perhaps the Headmistress just favors three particular lackeys. While her lap dogs run around and do her work, the Headmistress resides in a secret tower, that looms menacingly above the campus. She knows all, and sees all, according to the rumors.
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