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An insane asylum for the intelligently gifted.
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PostSubject: Neon,Star   Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:51 pm

"YO DOC!!! Something's interrupting my game of solitaire! How dare they-wait! It's from the( Japan government!! Oh my gosh! They're sending over a new kid! Man this one's a real stinker!He has all kinds of things going wrong! There's a split personality,Insomnia,HDD, and Sadistic Personality Disorder! Man, Doc, I'm scared, but instead of telling you I'll just send ya the poor kid's student application!

Name: Neon,Star

Age: 18

Day of Birth: December 13

Gender: Male

Height: 5,8

Weight: 123

Description:His eyes are a shade of pink thanks to some medical condition as for his hair the same as it is the color of blood.He likes to wear a shirt that has a skull on it and leaves his neck showing.

Personality:He is a kind guy at school but thats only one side of himself.He changes from being a kind,study guy to a sadistic vampire that like to hurt people and play with women.

Past: He lived with a family until he was 10 then left to find a new life.He grew up in the streets of japan as a killer.He never had a normal life in a gang as he killed many people.He had problems with people along the way as he traveled all over the country of japan as a killer.He soon was caught by the japan secret police and sent somewhere to live that is called Melancholic Academy.

Likes: Blood,sweets, and causing pain

Dislikes: Tea,no bloodshed, and no screaming

DISEASES:split personality,Insomnia,HDD, and Sadistic Personality Disorder

"Well Doc, didja get it?!..Good, but what should we do with it? WHAT! So we're really putting the kid into Ward C...You know best Doc. I didn't even graduate from Nursing School! I'm just a lazy bum-what was that? Oh ok, I'll hang up the phone now, Doc...
Created by Kirai
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PostSubject: Re: Neon,Star   Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:03 pm

Sorry it took so long ^^" but welcome!


This is Kirai's super cool siggy.
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