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 Vail's Application

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PostSubject: Vail's Application   Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:29 pm

"YO DOC!!! Something's interrupting my game of solitaire! How dare they-wait! It's from the Japanese Government!! Oh my gosh! They're sending over a new kid! Man this one's a real stinker! She has all kinds of things going wrong! There's Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar, and other stuff like that!! Man, Doc, I'm scared, but instead of telling you I'll just send ya the poor kid's student application!

Name: Vail, Black Web

Age: 15

Day of Birth: Oct 13th

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

Weight: 95 lbs

Description: Vail wears a black mini skirt with, long black socks and black leather boots she wears a black longs sleeve top that had shoulder pads sewing onto it! she has long blood red hair and blood red eyes she carries a samurai sword with her and ninja stars

Personality: Vail is tough and vicous, she doesn't take crap from anybody! she won't hesitate to kill! she's very stealth and quick and flexeble. She is very sinister and deviate she obsessed with her looks she can be very slutty! She takes advantage of her gorgeous features to kill! Vail is thoug a lovable insane girl she can be very sweet....If she likes you! I would get on her good side

Past: Black Web isn't Vail's real last name but she doesn't use her last name anymore! Black Web is the name of the gang she's in.....she's an assassin she gets paid to take people down who don't pay there debt to the gang but she wasn't born into this life. Vail was an only child she was born in Japan she had two parents who loved her with all there hearts, she mean't everything to them but when she was born she had schizophrenia and she was bi-polar but her parents didn't care, they still loved her but they kept a closer eye on her. When she was five a terrible earthquake happened kill her father her mother was still alive, but was hospitalized a week later she died in the hospital and she was going to be sent to, an orphanage Vail didn't like that idea so at age five she ran away into the streets. She developed skills on stealing food and to be quick a quiet for two years she was watched while she stole adventually the Master of the assassin's gang came to her and offered to train her to become an assassin and to take her away from this horrible life on the streets, she trained for years. When she was twelve she the gang master said she was ready to start killing but with the disorders she had murder was a bad idea, murdering made her insane into a serial killer all she thought about was killing and that's all she wanted to do she went crazy killing everything laughing while she did when she was 15 the government decided this needed to be fixed they sent her to MA right away hoping she can be cured

Likes: Swords, Killing, Death, Power, Control, Roses, Books, Laughter, Boys, Make Up, Look Pretty, Flirting

Dislikes: Being Controled, Preppy People, Dogs, Looking Bad, Bears, Deep Water

DISEASES: Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar

"Well Doc, didja get it?!..Good, but what should we do with it? WHAT! So we're really putting the kid into Ward A You know best Doc. I didn't even graduate from Nursing School! I'm just a lazy bum-what was that? Oh ok, I'll hang up the phone now, Doc...
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PostSubject: Re: Vail's Application   Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:08 pm


Welcome to the madness that is MA


Even pretty can be seen by the blind.
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Vail's Application

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