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 Amu, Mikey

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PostSubject: Amu, Mikey   Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:06 pm

"YO DOC!!! Something's interrupting my game of solitaire! How dare they-wait! It's from the second generation Amu family!! Oh my gosh! They're sending over a new kid! Man this one's a real stinker! He has all kinds of things going wrong! There's Psychopathic rage, schizophrenia, and sadism! Man, Doc, I'm scared, but instead of telling you I'll just send ya the poor kid's student application!

Name: Michael (Mikey) Amu

Age: 3

Day of Birth: December 14

Gender: Male

Height: Two feet seven inches

Weight: Thirty-three pounds

Description: Mikey has always been one of the cutest children around. Inheriting both his mother and father's good looks, he's been breaking the hearts of every kindergarten teacher around. He's got straight, baby soft blonde hair, cut sharply around the edges of his face and spiked in the back. He's got his father's deep red eyes and smile, making him seem sweeter than he really is. He's skinny, but not sickeningly so, and fun to pick up an hug. He's usually wearing baggy blue jeans, bare feet, and some sort of midriff bearing top, with his favorite white sweater to keep him warm.

Personality: Mikey is a pretty normal child. That is, if you ignore the way he tortuously pokes animals with sticks and dips them in self-made acid. He's a genius, exceptionally smart with an unbelievable IQ. He's talkative, and charming, and generally polite. He gets attached to people easily because they're real. However, just like everyone in MA, there is a dark side to this American Sweetheart.

Mikey is already showing signs of schizophrenia, and when it starts at such a young age, it can only go downward. His symptoms are much like his father's, only much more disturbing. He sees people with no eyes and jagged teeth, missing limbs and putrid skin. He believes them to be real, and sometimes tries to kill himself. Another problem is is sociopathic sadism. Any chance he'll get, he hurts something, usually opting for animals over people, considering the fact that people mean a lot to him. But when he gets mad, all bets are off. He goes into a red-hot psychopathic rage, he will hurt and/or kill everything within a five mile radius.

Past: Mikey has been pampered since the day he was born, it was during Chase's "bad ass" stage when he was thirteen. Chase, at first wanted nothing to do with the kid, but Mikey soon grew on him, and he was accepted into the life of the rich. When his father moved away, Mikey began to have terrible anxiety attacks, and random bouts of rage. Finally, his mother and grandfather sent him to MA, not only to be with Chase, but so maybe he could find help.

Likes: His daddy, stuffed animals, making things, science, math, algebra, sleeping, hurting and killing, and his imaginary friend.

Dislikes: Getting dressed up, being separated from Chase, meeting new animals, cake, and cute things.

DISEASES: Schizophrenia, sociopathic sadism, and psychopathic rage.

"Well Doc, didja get it?!..Good, but what should we do with it? WHAT! So we're really putting the kid into Ward B...You know best Doc. I didn't even graduate from Nursing School! I'm just a lazy bum-what was that? Oh ok, I'll hang up the phone now, Doc...
Created by Kirai
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PostSubject: Re: Amu, Mikey   Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:02 pm


Welcome to the madness that is MA. Hope you enjoy your stay.


Even pretty can be seen by the blind.
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Amu, Mikey

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